B Series Lift Up and Down Clothes Hanging Rack – Fits 900mm Cabinet – Teal Finish



Stylish Pull Down Wardrobe Lift Rack Lift pull down hanger rods are a practical addition to high and wide closet spaces. Garments such as jackets, trousers, blazers, and other large clothing can be hung up high on this adjustable wardrobe lift, which can be pulled down to your level so you can hang on clothes and pick them conveniently. This clothes hanger rail features a soft return, hydraulic damping system for an effortless operation—once you let go of the ergonomic handle, the rack goes back to the high position gently and softly. Single Arm Clothes Lift Rack in Grey Finish PERFECT FOR HIGH WARDROBE – Hang your clothes up high and fully utilise hard-to-reach tall wardrobe cabinets at home GORGEOUS DESIGN – Teal finish with satin champagne accent is a bold yet refreshing colour—can be an eye-catching piece in your closet EFFICIENT – Comes with an ergonomic pull down arm that can reach an angle down to 90 degrees so you can easily pick your clothes ADJUSTABLE – Retractable aluminium rod can be adjusted from 864 to 1064mm width to suit large cabinets SMOOTH MOVEMENT – Adopts hydraulic damping system for a soft pull and return to the high cabinet space DIY INSTALLATION – Easily mount to the side walls of new or existing 900-1100mm cabinets Specifications Series: B Series Teal Materials: Aluminium Width: 864-1064mmm to suit 900-1100mm-wide cabinet (external) Depth: 500mm Height: 830mm Cabinet Size: Fits 900-1100mm-wide cabinet (external) Finish: Teal with satin champagne Mounting: Side mount Pull Down Angle: Up to 90 degrees