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Frameless 10mm Safety Glass Shower Screen – 1000mm x 2100mm


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The Frameless single-panel shower screen is the ultimate luxury in any modern bathroom. Providing uncluttered lines and an ultra clean design, a frameless shower screen offers a spacious and contemporary look and can easily be installed into any pre-existing shower space. Why put up with thick and ugly shower frames when you can ditch the excessive material and enhance your bathroom today!  Ultramodern Design This frameless glass shower screen is crafted from 10mm-thick toughened safety glass. In addition to its crystal clarity, this tempered glass is specifically designed to ensure absolute safety in the bathroom, meeting all applicable Australian Standards. As well as the ultra sleek, safe and strong glass panal, heavy duty stainless steel hinges and brackets are included to ensure a secure and modern shower screen enclosure. Unlike its inferior plastic counterparts, the Framless Glass Shower Screen is accompanied by stainless steel hardware and spring loaded hinges to ensure long live and withstanding quality. Great for new construction or for renovations, the Ultramodern Shower Screen from Della Francesca will transform your bathroom and you won’t spend a fortune doing it! Order yours today. Features and Specifications: Meets Australian Standards AS/NZS 2208:1996 Safety Glass Technology – similar to a car windshield, this strong and safe toughened safety glass with only break with extreme force Stainless Steel Hardware – All brackets and hinges that screw into the walls and floor are made from polished stainelss steel that wont allow for rust or chips Easy to Clean – with a simple design like this, it leaves to crevices for mould and bacteria to grow Complete water seal system – the quality floor strips included guarantee no leaking Stainless steel screws included – when your shower enclosure arrives, it is ready to install