Galley Open-Out Tandem Pantry – Adjustable Height – for 450mm or 600mm Cabinet – Internal Unit




Elite Tandem Pantry Storage Unit This ELITE Galley open-out pantry is the latest in storage design for modern kitchens. It has baskets attached to the opening door and also pulls out baskets from the rear of the pantry cavity. Therefore it maximises both space utilisation and access to your stored items. This unit is designed for an existing hinged cabinet with a left or right opening door. This pull out pantry unit has baskets with quality veneer timber base and safety glass sides, making it an elegant fixture for your kitchen. Also, unlike some other wire basket pull-out units, where small items cannot stand easily on the wire supports, the safety glass walls and ant-slip mats ensure everything stays in place. Note: Includes internal hardware only. Does not include cabinet or door. LUXURIOUS DESIGN – Features baskets with quality veneer timber base and optional anti-slip mat, and safety glass sides that provide high visibility of your items; the Galley style is the most luxurious design in the ELITE pantry range ADJUSTABLE – The adjustable frame allows for simple installation into standard and non-standard cabinet heights; customise the distance between basket heights per your demand CONVENIENT – The open-out design gives full access to all items on your pantry shelves – rear baskets get pulled out when opened for a total accessibility SMOOTH RUNNERS – Ensures a smooth transfer from back to front and avoid the door slam shut RETROFIT OR INSTALL NEW – Forget about fixed pantries with fixed shelves—convert your existing pantry with this unit, or have it installed in your new kitchen QUALITY – Premium materials and built that comes with a 5-year warranty Specifications Width Options: Suits standard 450mm or 600mm cabinet Required Cabinet Depth (Internal): Minimum of 500mm Required Cabinet Width (Internal): For 450mm external: Minimum of 418mm For 600mm external: Minimum of 568mm Required Cabinet Height (Internal) Low option: Adjustable 1650mm to 1950mm High option: Adjustable 1850mm to 2150mm Basket Style: Quality veneer timber base with safety glass sides (includes optional anti-slip mat) No. of Baskets: 12 Runner Type: Smooth-glide steel balling bearing runners Load Capacity: 50kg in total (Max. 5kg per door mounted basket, Max 10kg per large rear basket) Installation: Can be left or right-side mounted using the included brackets Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years