HOTWIRE In Screed Heating DIY Kit including touchscreen controller



– Heating is a must if you wish to avoid the harshness of stone cold tiles in winter. You can set on/off times throughout the day or control it manually or by a thermostat. These systems add value to your home and cheap to run due to their low watt usage. The Hotwire system is the simplest to install and perfect for a DIY project. It is the only system that can be installed into small spaces so you have no cold spots. The kit includes a fully SAA compliant heating element and programmable touch screen thermostat/timer controller. Benefits of Heating Invisible heat – a natural feeling of warmth with no fans or ductsOn demand – fast to warm up (circa 30 minutes)Warm floor – warmth where you need it the mostAsthma and allergy friendly – no air or dust movement from ducted heatingCheap to run – about 2c per square metre per hour (at average household electricity prices and room size)Dry floor – the heat dries floors and reduces chances of mould and cleaning requirementsBetter bathrooms – as heat lamps are not required exhaust fans can be placed over showersProgrammable – automatic heat for when you need it and temperature controlsEasy installation – most versatile installation method available. You can DIY the heating elementSleek controller – highest quality touch-screen wall controller with backlight and 24/7 timer functionality Temperature control – floor or room sensor to thermostatically control by temperatureSafe – cable is only circa 50°C so tiles will not crackCompact – heating element is 8-9mm thickMaintenance free – Once installed it is maintenance free. Heating can augment your existing heating or be a total solution Many homeowners believe that -floor heating is not necessary when they are installing other home heating solutions. This is simply not the case – whilst – heating can be used to heat a room, it can also be used to simply heat the floor. Have you ever been in a traditionally heated tiled room? The room feels warm at head height, but the floor is cold and it is not comfortable walking in bare feet. Under floor heating can be your entire heating solution, or it can simply augment your other heating systems. Did you know that ducted heating can cause a temperature difference of up to 12 degrees between the floor and ceiling? Heating heats uniformly from the floor to ceiling and will also save you hundreds of dollars in the long run compared to bathroom heat lamps. As a total bathroom heating solution its running costs compare very favourably to other heating solutions such as heat lamps – see below. HOTWIRE In Screed Heating is the most flexible system available Unlike many other under floor heating products that are expensive to buy, install, run and maintain, the HOTWIRE In Screed Heating DIY kit enables you to do most of the work yourself and will only need the service of an electrician to connect the controller to the power once the hotwire has been laid. The flexibility of using a coiled wire verse a conventional heated mat makes installation so much easier, especially when laying in small tricky spaces around toilets and doorways. The heated HOTWIRE coil can simply be laid down on your homes substrate and taped in a coiled design before laying tiles on top. Therefore, your room will be warmed evenly leaving no cold spots to freeze your toes. What’s in the In Screed heating kit? The kit includes everything you need for installation: The roll of 8-9mm thick heating element wire to layout on your prepared floor A roll of heavy duty tape to adhere the heating element to the floor A thermostat sensor to connect to the controller A touch screen controller (must be connected by an electrician to mains) A continuity alarm – will alert you to any break in the circuit or damaged cable Full instructions (also see video below)