Moku Grey Granite Bathroom Basin – Round – 420mm



Moku Grey Granite Bathroom Basin

This Japanese-style MOKU Granite Basin was carefully handcrafted to bring art and nature into your bathroom.

Real stone: This is a real granite basin, not reconstituted stone. Unique: Carved from a solid piece of Northern river stone, each basin has different grain patterns and features. Long-lasting: Highly scratch-resistant, waterproofed, and withstands damp and humid environments.

Durable and Waterproof Unlike some stone products, Moku basins are made to last a lifetime! This stunning natural Japanese styled Moku River Granite basin is handcrafted by painstakingly carving, sanding and honing blocks of granite to achieve this modern, smooth, round bench-top basin.

It is fully impervious to water and treated with a hard surface preparation that is highly resistant to scratching and provides an easy-to-clean surface. Long Lasting! Being a natural stone product this basin is designed to last a lifetime! Granite has withstood the test of time in a number of harsh environments around the world, now you can enjoy these benefits in your bathroom for many years to come.

Add some Contemporary Style to your Bathroom! The look and feel of granite is timeless, it has been used in a number of applications around the world and continues to offer stunning appeal. Now you can enjoy the earthy feel and contemporary combination of colours in your own bathroom.

The bold colours combine with contemporary bathroom features to add the wow factor to your bathroom. Specifications Composition: Solid Single Piece of Granite – 9.5kg in weight Mounting: Bench Top. Affix with suitable waterproof sealant Tap Mounting: No tap mounting hole on basin. Designed for bench or wall mounted mixer or spout Exterior Diameter: 420mm Interior Diameter: 396mm Rim Width: 12mm Bowl Base: 1000mm Height: 140mm Drain: Basin drain hole suits standard 32mm waste non-overflow outlet Product Care: Clean with warm soapy water and non-abrasive cloth Warranty: 5 Years